The Use of Optical Emission Interferometry for Controlled Etching of

III V materials.


D. Johnson, D. Geerpuram, C. Johnson, L. Martinez, J. Plumhoff

Plasma-Therm LLC, 10050 16th Street North, Saint Petersburg, Fl 33716

D. Geerpuram at, 727 577 4999




Plasma Etching, Optical Emission, Interferometry,Endpoint



For plasma etching processes, Optical Emission Interferometry (OEI) combines the advantages of Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) and laser interferometry. Radiation emitted by the plasma is reflected from the substrate surface and monitored using a multi-wavelength spectrometer. Analysis of the OEI signal provides endpoint data, and etch rate and etch depth information for both single and multi-component materials. Examples of these applications are described.



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