Ultra Thin Barrier Layers for mmW Frequencies in III-N HEMT



J. Gillespie, A. Crespo, K. Chabak, M. Kossler, V. Trimble, M. Trejo, G. D. Via,

B. Winningham

Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433

B. Poling, D. Walker Jr.

Wyle Labs

Dayton, OH 45431


Keywords: HEMT, InAlN, wide bandgap, Ka-band



In this discussion, we present the status of nAlN/GaN HEMT device development at AFRL. ecause of the frequency limitations of traditional lGaN/GaN devices, novel III-N Schottky barriers re being considered for higher frequency pplications. GaN-based epitaxy foundries have eveloped and supplied InAlN/GaN material on SiC ubstrates to AFRL. This material is designed for he purpose of scaling devices for mmW power pplications up to W-band and beyond. Material as delivered with barrier layers <10nm. Record a-band device results of 5.8W/mm at 43.6% were chieved. In addition, on-wafer material and device easurements will be shown to demonstrate xceptional uniformity across a 3-inch wafer.



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