Molecular Beam Epitaxy Regrowth of Ohmics in Metal-face AlN/GaN Transistors


Chuanxin Lian, Yu Cao, Ronghua Wang, Guowang Li, Tom Zimmermann, Debdeep Jena, and Huili Xing

Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, Indiana 46556, USA

Email:; Phone: 1-574-6310755


Keywords: AlN, GaN, Transistor, Ohmic, Regrowth



Selective-area regrowth of source/drain was studied for metal-face AlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) using molecular beam epitaxy. Heavily doped graded n-type InN/InGaN/GaN was regrown to reduce the source/drain contact resistance. For the 70 nm regrown material, a sheet resistance of ~ 100 Ω/sq and a contact resistance of ~ 0.2 Ω.mm were extracted using non-alloyed Ti-based metal contacts. But the ohmic contact resistance and sheet resistance of the EMTs with regrown source and drain were found to be et high using the current processes.



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