GaN-on-Si for Power Conversion


M. Germain, J. Derluyn, M. Van Hove, F. Medjdoub, J. Das, D. Marcon, S. Degroote, K. Cheng, M. Leys, D. Visalli, P. Srivastava,

K. Geens, J. Viaene, B. Sijmus, S. Decoutere and G. Borghs

IMEC, Process Technology, Kapeldreef 75, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium

Contact:; Tel: +32-016-288331


Keywords: III-Nitrides, GaN, Power devices, GaN-on-Si



GaN-on-Si has become the most promising technology for nextgeneration power switching devices to overcome intrinsic Si limits for high temperature operation, high efficiency at high operating voltage, high switching frequency. Besides unique material properties, we show that the design of advanced GaN FET devices for power conversion can be improved thanks to the use of in-situ SiN passivation. This in-situ SiN layer is further shown to be a key parameter for device stability at elevated temperatures, significantly enhancing the device reliability in high temperature accelerated lifetime tests. We review herebelow the demonstration of depletion and enhancement-mode devices with breakdown voltages above 600V with already more than an order reduction in conduction loss compared to most advanced Si MOSFETs, and able to operate under higher switching frequencies.



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