Mobile Electrostatic Carrier (MEC) evaluation for a GaAs wafer

backside manufacturing process


H.Stieglauer1, J.Nösser1, A.Miller1, M.Lanz1, D.Öttlin1, G.Jonsson1, D.Behammer1, C.Landesberger2,

H.-P. Spöhrle2, K.Bock2

1United Monolithic Semiconductors GmbH, Wilhelm-Runge-Strasse 11, D-89081 Ulm, Germany

Phone: +49-731-505-3075, Fax: +49-731-505-3005, E-mail:

2Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, Hansastrasse 27d, 80686 Munich, Germany


Keywords: MEC, Smart Carrier, mobile electrostatic carrier, GaAs backside process, pHEMT, TSV, MMIC



Backside processing of GaAs wafer for MMIC applications is known as manual handling and processing of very thin wafers in the range of several mil. In common production flows the frontside finished wafer will be sticked on a sapphire carrier for backside processing using thermoplastics or wax by a temporary wafer bonding process. The sapphire carrier mechanically assists the wafer during the thinning, through wafer via etch and metallisation process modules. After the metallisation the thin GaAs wafer will be de attached from the sapphire carrier by a de bonding process. In order to reduce the manual thin wafer handling during the de bonding process module a mobile wafer carrier has been produced and tested. In this work we present a MEC (Mobile Electrostatic Carrier) for temporary bonding of thin GaAs wafers using electrostatic force for processing and handling in a wafer manufacturing area.



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