Novel packaging solutions for GaN power electronics:

Silver-diamond composite packages


M. Faqir1*, T. Batten1, T. Mrotzek2, S. Knippscheer2, L. Chalumeau3, M. Massiot3, M. Buchta4,

J. Thorpe4, H. Blanck4, S. Rochette5, O. Vendier5, M. Kuball1

1Center for Device Thermography and Reliability (CDTR), H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol,

Bristol BS8 1TL, United Kingdom

2Plansee SE, 6600 Reutte, Austria

3Egide, Site Industriel du Sactar, 84500 Bollene, France

4United Monolithic Semiconductors, Wilhelm-Runge-Strasse 11, 89081 Ulm, Germany

5Thales Alenia Space, 26 av JF Champollion 31037 Toulouse, France

*, phone: +44 117 3318109


Keywords: Thermal management, diamond composites, thermal modeling, thermal conductivity, GaN



We present a new packaging solution for GaN power electronics for efficient heat extraction needed for high power devices. The benefits of using silver diamond composite as base plate in packages for GaN power bars is demonstrated. A dramatic improvement in thermal management (as high as ~50%) was obtained with respect to the existing packaging technologies based on CuW. Micro-Raman thermography measurements were carried out to determine the device temperature at a range of operating power levels. A finite element thermal model was built to assert the obtained experimental results and was found to be in good agreement.




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