Waste reduction in lapping sapphire and other compound semiconductor materials


Elina Kasman, Mark Irvin

Engis Corporation, 105 West Hintz Road, Wheeling Illinois USA, ekasman@engis.com, +1 (847) 808-9400


Keywords: sapphire, silicon carbide, lapping, polishing, diamond, slurry



This paper will discuss recent advancements in cycle time reduction and process simplification of rapid lapping of sapphire and other materials. When cycle time is reduced, so is the amount of waste generated during the process. Reduction in process waste and higher throughput are two of the major benefits of the developed process. The technology discussed in this presentation can be applied to many different materials, among them SiC, GaN, AlN and other compound semiconductor materials. Diamond lapping process produces fraction of waste of conventional abrasive process. New diamond slurry has been developed. Performance, as compared to existing commercially available product, is over 25% higher removal rate and equal or better surface finish. Development procedure, test results, and selection of active components will be discussed.



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