Relocation of Cobham’s MMIC Wafer Fab

M. Drinkwine, J. Crites
Cobham Blacksburg, 3155 State St., Blacksburg, VA 24060
Phone: 540 443-2800, E-mail:


After more than twenty-five years of operation at the ITT site in Roanoke, Virginia, Cobham Sensor Systems has relocated its MMIC wafer fab and part of its MMIC design capability to Blacksburg, Virginia. Beginning in early February 2010, Cob-ham ceased manufacturing operations in Roanoke and began the complex task of disassembling the entire equipment set, packing up work in process and all associated documentation, and relocating the combined operations to a modern 50,000 ft2 facility in nearby Blacksburg, Virginia. In doing so, process performance and Cpks had to be established the same in Black-sburg as they had been in Roanoke. To establish production turn-on it was necessary to show that MMICs made in Black-sburg exactly matched the historical baseline performance and reliability of MMICs made in Roanoke. In October of 2010, Cobham announced the successful completion of this activity.

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