Which are the Future GaN Power Devices for Automotive Applications, Lateral Structures or Vertical Structures?

Tsutomu Uesugi and Tetsu Kachi
Toyota central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Nagakute-cho, Aichi, 480-1192 Japan
E-mail: uesugi@mosk.tytlabs.co.jp,

Keywords: GaN, power devices, automotive applications, lateral structure, vertical structure


The GaN is a promising material for future electricpower devices because of its excellent material potentialcompared with Si or SiC. Recently, high quality GaN onSi substrates have been developed and AlGaN/GaNlateral power HEMTs fabricated on the GaN on Sisubstrates which had more than 1kV breakdown voltagehave been reported. In this paper, we compare the lateralstructures and the vertical structures of the GaN powerdevices and discuss which the next power devices will befrom viewpoints of automotive applications.

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