Commercially Available Cree Silicon Carbide Power Devices:
Historical Success of JBS Diodes and Future Power Switch Prospects

Mrinal K. Das
Cree, Inc., 4600 Silicon Dr., Durham, NC 27703,, (919) 407-5584

Keywords: SiC, JBS, Schottky, MOS, MOSFET, Power Devices


Silicon Carbide has begun to fulfill its promise of delivering next generation power devices to the power electronics market. The SiC JBS diode has witnessed explosive growth recently thanks to the demand for higher efficiency systems. While accumulating over 150 billion field hours, the SiC JBS failure rate has remained an order of magnitude below the competing Si PiN diode products. After decades of research, Cree has finally released the first commercial SiC MOSFET which has overcome traditional gate oxide issues. The combination of SiC MOSFETs and SiC JBS diodes allows system designers to provide the highest efficiency systems to the marketplace. Despite the great potential for GaN power devices, careful examination of material and device qualification standards indicates that SiC power devices should remain attractive for 600 V and higher applications.

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