Commercially Available Cree Silicon Carbide Power Devices:
Historical Success of JBS Diodes and Future Power Switch Prospects

Mrinal K. Das
Cree, Inc., 4600 Silicon Dr., Durham, NC 27703,, (919) 407-5584

Keywords: SiC, JBS, Schottky, MOS, MOSFET, Power Devices


Plasma etch reactors are used extensively in the volumemanufacturing of wireless and optoelectronic compoundsemiconductor devices. Many of the different plasma etchprocesses in the fabrication of these devices require the use ofchlorine or bromine-based corrosive gases. Consequently,protection of the plasma exposed internal aluminumcomponents in these reactors and the preventive maintenanceprocedures are critical to maintain system integrity and highthroughput.

To aid in the evaluation and ranking of different anodizedprotective coatings for the reactor, an ex-situ acceleratedchlorine-based corrosion resistance test has been developed.Results from analysis of these experiments are presented.

The corrosion resistance life test has also been used in thedetermination of the optimum preventive maintenance cleaningtechnique of these anodized coatings. Recommendations fromthis work are also reported.

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