Backside Processing Steps Elimination and Cost Reduction by Multi Beam Full Cut Laser Dicing

Rogier Evertsen, Rene Hendriks
Advanced Laser Separation International (ALSI) NV, Platinawerf 20G, 6641TL Beuningen, the Netherlands
Phone: +31-(0)246782888, E-mail address:

Keywords: laser dicing, singulation, full cut, backside metal, die strength


In this paper, we will show the laser dicing separation trends in industry after the general acceptance of laser full cut dicing of common RFIC compound semiconductor substrates. We recognize the analogue of the semiconductor markets which already apply full backside metal cutting processes. The specific advantages of the multiple beam (MB) laser cutting are pointed out, including the laser dicing strategies that can be used to obtain the desired result. In summary, its implementation shows cycle time reduction, cost reduction, and the elimination of backside processes.

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