Implementation of Value Added Kaizens (VAK) in a GaAs Manufacturing Facility

Jan Campbell, Rick Cobo, David Beene, Jerry Beene,
Gary Head, Martin Ivie, Pavan Bhatia, Greg Baker
TriQuint Semiconductor Product Sector
Compound Semiconductor Texas
500 W. Renner Rd Richardson, Texas 75080
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Keywords: Value Added Kaizens


In order to be successful in a modern semiconductor manufacturing facility, identification of all cost opportunities must be discovered. The identification of value and non value added activities can be quite a daunting affair and without training and the proper tools to use, most companies are not successful in reducing non value added activities. This paper shares the knowledge gained by implementing a value added kaizen (VAK) approach to discover waste (muda) at TriQuint’s Texas facility. Further, this paper shares the knowledge gained using a structured approach at identifying and eliminating these non value added activities. This paper presents the application of lean principles methodologies that have resulted in reducing cost opportunities reducing reworks, decrease in cycle time that were
associated with the elimination of non value activities.

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