Commercial GaN Devices for Switching and Low-Noise Applications
Raymond Pengelly, Scott Sheppard, Thomas Smith, Bill Pribble, Simon Wood and Carl Platis, Cree Inc.

Wide Bandgap, gallium nitride, GaN, switch, switch model, low‐noise amplifier, noise model, MMIC

Gallium nitride (GaN) RF power transistor and MMIC technologies have become sufficiently mature and reliable in the last few years that there are now very large numbers of fielded devices in both military and commercial applications. Wide bandgap technology is now finding extended use in switching, control and low noise applications. Cree’s qualified V3 GaN on silicon carbide (SiC) MMIC process provides high current, low RON and high drain to source breakdown voltage (typically 150 volts) resulting in robust transistor operation, allowing, for example, simpler receiver protection circuitry. In addition, high output impedances enable large bandwidth of operation; high output third order intercept (TOI) enables lower distortion and higher dynamic range receivers; low noise figures similar to GaAs MESFETs coupled with high fT (20 GHz) enable multi‐stage LNA’s to be produced. Application areas for GaN switches, control components and low noise amplifiers include electronically scanned arrays, both military and commercial communications as well as jammers.

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