3G/4G requirements for wireless systems and the role GaAs, GaN and filter devices will play in meeting these requirements

Otto Berger, TriQuint Semiconductor, Konrad‐Zuse‐Platz 1, D‐81829 Munich, Germany

The ever increasing demand for higher data rates in the modern evolution of wireless communication systems create new challenges for the components and the technologies used. The technologies need to enable higher efficiencies at lower overall power consumptions and also comply with the trend to green devices and reduced emission of greenhouse gases.

TriQuint has been in a leading position in this trend since years and is able to deliver a great variety of products that enable the system manufactures and mobile terminal suppliers to deliver superior products to the market. TriQuint’s manufacturing technologies deliver the broadest technology portfolio in the industry and range from GaAs based MESFET, pHEMT and HBT processes for mobile terminals to high power processes based on GaAs High Voltage HBT and GaN processes. SAW and BAW filter technologies complete the portfolio.

The presentation will in detail report on benefits of the technology choices for those applications, specifically for the 3G/4G base station markets, but also for the wireless terminals.

Comparison between Si LDMOS, HV‐HBT and GaN devices for base stations, their usage in Doherty type architectures and suitability for envelope tracking will be described.

Wireless terminals specifically mobile devices are challenged with the increasing number of voice and data protocols and even more with the inflation of frequency bands that a single terminal needs to operate in. The presentation gives insight in how technologies are combined and optimized to master these challenges together with the most advanced front ends architectures. Control, power generation and filter functions in cost and size optimized solutions will be presented.

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