China’s Fast Growing Role in the Future of Compound Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing
Morris Young
AXT, Inc., 4281 Technology Drive, Fremont, CA 94538,,


In the past decade, China has emerged as a major player in the field of Compound Semiconductor (CS) technology and manufacturing. Growth in all aspects of the CS industry in China, from crystal growth to device (optoelectronic, photovoltaic and electronic) fabrication and packaging, has set the stage for a very solid foundation for a sustainable and healthy growth rate.

Contributions of both the private and public sectors in China, as well as the fast growth of the raw material supply of pertinence to the CS industry, have played a key role in the emergence of China as a serious contender for taking a lead position in this industry.
Technical institutions and universities in China, recognizing the importance of CS technology, have invested heavily in the CS research and development, thus providing the level of knowledge and skill to sustain the projected and continued growth of the industry.
The overall growth in the CS industry in China has spurred new opportunities for growth in revenue for international companies, e.g. suppliers of fabrication and test/characterization equipment, etc.

China’s emphasis and recognition of the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) has also led to some of the cutting-edge innovations and contributions in the CS field.

In this presentation, the above described activities will be discussed in more detail. Furthermore, different segments and geographic distribution of the CS industry in China will be reviewed along with some details of the growth projections for the coming 5 years

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