The green activity of back grinding process

Shinji Tsukino, Norio Sakaguchi, Seiji Tsunematsu, Mitsuhiro Ooki, Osamu Sakamoto
MMIC Engineering Department, Kagoshima Production Division 1, Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation,
Kagoshima Technology Center, 5-1, Kokubu Noguchikita, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima, 899-4393 Japan
E-mail:, Phone: +81-995-47-3940

Keywords: green, back grinding, recycle, reuse

GaAs wafer back grinding process requires a lot of water and parts used for equipment are short life due to grinding wastes (GaAs debris). Also how to treat these wastes is important from environmental point. For green manufacturing, we introduced water recycling system in back grinding process and all the grinding wastes that can be used for Ga refinements are now collected and recycled. In addition, we succeeded to reuse wafer chuck table of back grinding equipment.

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