The Use of a Structured Approach to Solve Yield Limiting Defects in AW Filters

Jan Campbell, Qizhi He, Howie Yang, Martin Ivie, John Gibbon,
Darrel Lupo, Dario Nappa, Jerry Beene, Francis Celii, Mike McClure
TriQuint Semiconductor Product Sector
Compound Semiconductor Texas
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This paper shares the steps used in addressing a 17% final visual yield loss in the Acoustic Wave (AW) filter process. These visual defects also have some electrical as well as assembly implications associated with them, thus they cannot be easily dismissed. Using a structured approach to problem solving and by isolating the device and defect types, studying the process flow, performing is/is not analysis as well as using quality tools such as infinity diagrams and inter-relationship diagraphs helped in identifying the phenomena occurring and finally resulted in identifying key process improvements that led to 12% yield gain

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