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2022 Floorplan

2022 Floorplan
#1 - PlasmaTherm #2 - ClassOne Technology #3 - DISCO HiTec #4 - Samco, Inc #5 - Forge Nano #6 - GTI #7 - Zeiss Microscopy #8 - Neutronix Quintel #9 - Reliable Corporation #10 - Intelligent Epi #11 - Kayaku Advanced Materials #12 - JA Woollam #13 - Jeol #14 - ACCEL RF #15 & #30- Semilab #16 - Vacuum Engineering and Materials #17 - StratEdge Corp. #18 - Osiris Int'l GmbH #19 - Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. #20 & #21 - Nanotronics #22 - ANNEALSYS #23 - RENA Technologies North America #24 - Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies #25 & #26 - II-IV Inc. #27 - Evatec #28 - Heidelberg Instruments #29 - FormFactor #31 - Ferrotec #32 - Visual Photonics Epitaxy #33 - Somos IWT #34 - OAI & C & D Semiconductor #35 - C & D Semiconductor & OAI #36 - Canon USA #37 - Denton Vacuum #38 - PR Hoffman #39 - Aixtron #40 & 41 - KLA Corporation #42 - Toho Technology Inc. #43 - Onto Innovation #44 - Eurofins EAG Laboratories #45 - KLA #46 - JST Manufacturing #47 - Bruker #48 - scia Systems GmbH #49 - Shin-Etsu MicroSi #50 - JX Nippon Mining #51 & #52 - Wolfspeed #53 - LayTec #54 - Virginia Diodes Inc. #55 - Insaco, Inc #56 - Axus Technology #64 - Oxford Instruments #65 - Pozetta #66 - Beneq #67 - Reedholm System #68 - Raith America Inc #69 - Eta Research Ltd #70 - CS Clean Solutions #71 - Yole Inc. #72 - H-Square #73 & #74 - IQE plc #75 - ePak #76 - AXT -Mersen

#1 - PlasmaTherm

Plasma-Therm is a global manufacturer of advanced processing equipment, providing etch ICP, RIE, DSE, IBE, ALE, deposition PECVD, HDPCVD, PVD, IBD, F.A.S.T., material modification HDRF, RTP, and plasma dicing PDOT technologies to the specialty semiconductor markets, including wireless communication, power devices, MEMS, photonics, advanced packaging, memory and storage, and R&D.
Visit us at:

#2 - ClassOne Technology

#3 - DISCO HiTec

DISCO Hi-Tec America, Inc. has been a leader in the semiconductor industry in cutting Kiru, grinding Kezuru, and polishing Migaku technologies.   In order to support research and development efforts, joint development initiatives, and next generation product prototyping, DISCO Hi-Tec America`s new larger KKM Services lab in San Jose offers capability to process materials with our latest advanced cutting, grinding, and polishing technologies.

#4 - Samco, Inc

Samco is a leading manufacturer of etching, deposition and surface modification process equipment for the compound semiconductor and related industries and universities and R&D facilities.  With more than 42 years of history, Samco has shipped more than 4,000 systems to customers in more than 30 countries.


#5 - Forge Nano

#6 - GTI

GTI represents Takatori, the leading provider of wire saws  for SiC wafering, SiC wafer grinders, and semiconductor process equipment including metal liftoff and dry resist lamination.

#7 - Zeiss Microscopy

#8 - Neutronix Quintel

#9 - Reliable Corporation

#10 - Intelligent Epi

Intelligent Epitaxy Technology, Inc. IntelliEPI is a leading “Pure Play” epi supplier of GaAs, InP, GaN and GaSb based epitaxy materials for electronic/optoelectronic industries.  Key products include HEMTs, HBTs, Photodetectors, VCSELs, Lasers/LEDs QW-based and Quantum/Interband Cascade and Type II SLS Infrared Detector for Focal Plane Array applications.

#11 - Kayaku Advanced Materials

Kayaku Advanced Materials manufactures specialty electronic materials including photoimageable epoxy; e-beam, bi-layer lift-off & dielectric photoresists; and ancillary products, as well as plating & RDL materials for advanced packaging.  We have exclusive licensing and distribution for DuPont Electronic Materials, semiconductor technologies & advanced packaging applications.

#12 - JA Woollam

#13 - Jeol

#14 - ACCEL RF

The world leader in compound semiconductor reliability testing

#15 & #30- Semilab

#16 - Vacuum Engineering and Materials

#17 - StratEdge Corp.

StratEdge Corporation, founded in 1992,designs, manufactures, and provides assembly services for a complete line of high-frequency and high-power semiconductor packages operating from DC to 63+ GHz. StratEdge offers post-fired ceramic, low-cost molded ceramic, and ceramic QFN packages, and specializes in packages for extremely demanding gallium arsenide GaAs and gallium nitride GaN devices.

#18 - Osiris Int'l GmbH

Osiris International is a manufacturer of machines specializing in photolithographic process equipment used in semiconductor and microsystems MEMS technology. Equipment for surface treatment of semiconductor substrates / masks photoresist spin & spray coating, developing, baking, cleaning, etching, stripping & metal lift-off and temporary bonding & debonding with standardized machines or customized equipment.

#19 - Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.

YES is a preferred provider of thermal processing systems, chemical vapor deposition CVD systems, plasma etching tools, and wet process equipment used for the precise surface modification of semiconductor substrates, semiconductor and MEMS devices, and biodevices. Technology leaders rely on YES to help them unleash products that change lives.

#20 & #21 - Nanotronics

Nanotronics is a science technology company that has redefined factory control through the invention of a platform that combines AI, automation, and sophisticated imagining to identify and define causality to manufacturing anomalies.


Annealsys provides RTA/RTP Thermal Processing and DLI/CVD

#23 - RENA Technologies North America

RENA Technologies North America of Albany, Oregon, is a wet processing equipment and services company serving the Semiconductor, MEMs, Solar, and high technology industries. RENA NA`s specialties include patented solutions for wet processing applications, including Metal Lift-off, Advanced Wafer Etching, Wafer Stripping, and Wafer Cleaning solutions.

#24 - Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies is an epitaxial wafer foundry with extensive experience in the epitaxial growth of a variety of device types including VCSELs, LEDs, HBTs, pHEMTs, EELs, and RF Diodes.

#25 & #26 - II-IV Inc.

II-VI Incorporated, a global leader in engineered materials and optoelectronic components, is a vertically integrated manufacturing company that develops innovative products for diversified applications in communications, materials processing, aerospace & defense, semiconductor capital equipment, life sciences, consumer electronics, and automotive markets.

#27 - Evatec

Thin film production tools and processes for Advanced Packaging, Power Devices, MEMS, Wireless, Optoelectronics & Photonics

#28 - Heidelberg Instruments

Heidelberg Instruments develops and produces high-precision photolithography systems, maskless aligners and nanofabrication tools. Our systems are installed in industrial and academic facilities worldwide. These are used for direct writing and photomask production. Application areas are MEMS/NEMS – for semiconductors, quantum computing, flat panel displays, photonics, 2D materials, IOT and many others.


#29 - FormFactor

FormFactor is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along the full IC life cycle. FormFactor’s leading-edge probe stations, probes, probe cards, optical metrology and inspection, advanced thermal subsystems and integrated systems deliver precision accuracy and superior performance both in the lab and during production semiconductor manufacturing.


#31 - Ferrotec

Temescal, the expert in metallization systems for Compound Semiconductor based substrates, provides the finest production evaporation systems available. Temescal systems provide controlled multi-layer coatings of materials such as Ti, Pt, Au, Pd, Ag, Ni, Al, Cr, Cu, Mo, Sn, SiO2 and ITO with highly repeatable guaranteed uniformity and performance metrics.

#32 - Visual Photonics Epitaxy

GaAs HBT Epi wafer
BiFET Epi wafer
BiHEMT Epi wafer
GaAsSb HBT Epi wafer
InP HBT Epi wafer
pHEMT Epi wafer
HFET Epi wafer
InGaAs or InGaAsP PD/APD Epi wafer pure Epi or Zn-Diffusion ready
GaAs PD Epi wafer
VCSEL 1J or MJ Epi wafer
Long Wavelength InGaAs PD Epi wafer 1.9um~2.6um
GaN Epi wafer on Si, SiC or Sapphire
FP/DFB LD Epi wafer on InP or GaAs
Solar Cell Epi wafer
LED Printer Head Epi wafer
Customized Epi Structure Foundry Service

#33 - Somos IWT

Somos IWT is a World leader in Double-sided lapping and polishing technology as well manufacturing diamond wire saws and accessories.

#34 - OAI & C & D Semiconductor

#35 - C & D Semiconductor & OAI

C&D Semiconductor, Inc. is an innovative, fast-growing semiconductor equipment manufacturer based in San Jose, California. Founded in 1989, we have been serving the global semiconductor and other related industries for more than two decades, with customers from all over the world.

#36 - Canon USA

Canon USA provides Lithography, Deposition and Bonding systems that are designed to support advanced compound semiconductor fabrication processes including power, automotive and 5G applications.

Based in San Jose, California, Canon USA Industrial Products Division enables a world of innovation for customers seeking to expand More-than-Moore markets.

#37 - Denton Vacuum

Denton Vacuum provides innovative deposition and etch equipment solutions built on standard platforms for any production level, from pilot production to high volume manufacturing. With a long history of innovation in thin film deposition and etch technologies, we provide production proven solutions to match customer needs. With Denton’s breadth of technologies, we provide market leading systems in diverse applications including laser and IR detectors, AR/VR and flexible display, delayering, precision optics, and superconductors.


#38 - PR Hoffman

We offer complete lapping and polishing machine product lines for a variety of manufacturing processing needs for applications such as quartz, optics, semiconductor, LED, electronics, ceramics and metalworking.

#39 - Aixtron

AIXTRON is a leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. The Company`s technology solutions are used by a diverse range of customers worldwide to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound semiconductor and 2D materials. Such components are used in fiber optic and wireless communication systems, advanced displays and sensors, efficient power conversion, signaling and lighting, as well as a range of other leading-edge technologies.

#40 & 41 - KLA Corporation

KLA Corporation is a leading supplier of wafer processing, process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related nanoelectronics industries. KLA’s products and services are used by bare wafer, IC, reticle and other manufacturers of materials and equipment around the world, from research and development to final volume manufacturing

#42 - Toho Technology Inc.

Toho provides Material Characterization and Thin Film Metrology Solutions focused on Hall Effect, Stress, Thickness and Profile.

#43 - Onto Innovation

Onto Innovation is a leader in process control with a portfolio of leading-edge technologies that include: Unpatterned wafer quality; 3D metrology spanning chip features from nanometer scale transistors to large die interconnects; macro defect inspection of wafers and packages; metal interconnect composition; factory analytics; and lithography for advanced semiconductor packaging.


#44 - Eurofins EAG Laboratories

#45 - KLA

KLA Corporation is a leading supplier of wafer processing, process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related nanoelectronics industries. KLA’s products and services are used by bare wafer, IC, reticle and other manufacturers of materials and equipment around the world, from research and development to final volume manufacturing

#46 - JST Manufacturing

#47 - Bruker


Bruker offers a range of cost-effective metrology, inspection, and repair systems for the semiconductor industries. Our XRR and HRXRD systems provide yield-enhancing metrology of thin films; our XRDI systems enable non-destructive crystalline defect detection within traditional and novel substrates of all sizes; and our dry cryogenic CO2 cleaning technology removes particles and unwanted process artifacts without damaging fragile patterns. Contact Bruker to find out how to achieve greater quality and yield.

#48 - scia Systems GmbH

#49 - Shin-Etsu MicroSi

Technology paves the way for a better world.  By approaching our business with a customer focus; responding swiftly to changes in the economic environment; seizing growth opportunities as they are presented; developing optimal-quality materials and products; and continually advancing production technologies, we provide our customers with the solutions that strengthen and enhance the value of their products.


#50 - JX Nippon Mining

Electronic materials supplier specializing in Sputtering Targets, Compound Semiconductor Substrates, High Purity Metals, Electro-Plating Anodes, Copper Foil, Compound and Ceramic Powders.

#51 & #52 - Wolfspeed

Wolfspeed leads the market in the worldwide adoption of Silicon Carbide and GaN technologies. Wolfspeed’s product families include Silicon Carbide materials, power-switching devices and RF devices targeted for various applications such as electric vehicles, fast charging, 5G, renewable energy and storage, and aerospace and defense.

Learn more at


#53 - LayTec

LayTec is a major provider of integrated metrology for thin-film deposition and other high value generating processes. LayTec’s equipment is used in a broad range of applications like optoelectronics, electronics, PV, displays, optics and photonics, SEMI and flash memory production, automotive industry and others.

#54 - Virginia Diodes Inc.

Leading manufacturer of mmWave and THz Test and Measurement Equipment.

#55 - Insaco, Inc

Custom fabrication of sapphire wafer carriers. Precision machining and polishing of all technical ceramics since 1947.

#56 - Axus Technology

Axus Technology is a global OEM company, bringing the latest surface processing solutions to emerging technology industries such as Semiconductor, MEMS, Automotive, Defense and Aerospace, Lifesciences, and IoT. We provide advanced technology, CMP tools, and exceptional technical expertise for polishing, wafer cleaning, precision wafer grind processing, and legacy tools.


#64 - Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology offers flexible, configurable process tools and leading-edge processes for the precise, controllable and repeatable engineering of micro- and nano-structures. Our systems provide process solutions for the etching of nanometre sized features, nanolayer deposition and the controlled growth of nanostructures. Established in 1982 it is one of the founding companies of the CS industry and has developed an exceptional depth of knowledge of compound semiconductor devices.


Our solutions are based on core technologies in plasma-enhanced deposition and etch, ion-beam deposition and etch, atomic layer deposition, deep silicon etch and physical vapour deposition. Products range from compact stand-alone systems for R&D, through batch tools and up to clustered cassette-to-cassette platforms for high-throughput production processing.


#65 - Pozetta

Pozzetta’s signature products and systems transport, store and protect the semiconductor device fabrication industry’s critical materials such as semiconductor wafers and photomasks.

#66 - Beneq

The Beneq Transform© is a versatile ALD platform dedicated to More-than-Moore device fabrication, including Power Electronics, MEMS and Sensors, RF, LED, Photonics, and Advanced Packaging applications.

It offers customers unparalleled flexibility by combining both thermal and plasma ALD with single wafer and batch processing, on a single automated platform.

#67 - Reedholm System

From silicon applications to wide band gap compound device applications, we cover the widest possible span for a platform of systems. And we partner with customers for the development of new capabilities required for future test and measurement challenges.

#68 - Raith America Inc

Raith manufactures focused ion beam FIB-SEM scanning electron microscopy SEM, and electron beam lithography EBL instrumentation. With sub-5 nm performance, Raith instruments are enabling continuous advancement in nanoscale research development and production

#69 - Eta Research Ltd

Eta Research provides free-standing GaN wafers available in sizes of 2 inch and 4 inch with doping options of n-type, semi-insulating, and UID.


#70 - CS Clean Solutions

CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS® is the global leader in dry-bed abatement systems for hazardous gas streams using passive, chemisorption-based technology to treat gas streams to outlet levels below TLV.  Using proprietary granulate formulations, the systems operate at ambient temperature to abate toxic, corrosive and pyrophoric chemistries.


#71 - Yole Inc.

Semiconductor market intelligence.

#72 - H-Square

This article could not begin to highlight the countless ways ICs have impacted the quality of life for

a significant percentage of humanity, nor will it delve into the extraordinary technical advancements achieved, imagining and manufacturing these wonders of human ingenuity. Rather it will focus on the underlying generally overlooked but extremely vital aspects of substrate and wafer handling within the IC fabrication process.

#73 & #74 - IQE plc

IQE is the leading global supplier of advanced epitaxial wafers to the semiconductor industry with 30+ years of experience and manufacturing sites across North America, Europe and Asia. Our III-V epitaxial products are manufactured from GaAs, GaN, InP, and GaSb complemented by our Group IV silicon and germanium semiconductor materials.


#75 - ePak

ePAK is a full-service designer, manufacturer and supplier of precision

engineered products and solutions for the automated transport and handling of semiconductor and electronic devices. Our product areas

include front-end wafer handling, back-end IC transport, and end-system sub-assembly handling.

#76 - AXT


Mersen supplies isomolded graphite and carbon fiber insulation parts and materials to the semiconductor industry for many applications including ion implant, Epitaxy, RTP and Crystal Growth. Our manufacturing capabilities include high precision machining, halogen purification and Silicon Carbide Coating.

A to L Exhibitors

  • Aixtron


  • AXT

  • Axus Technology

  • Beneq

  • Bruker

  • C & D Semiconductor & OAI

  • Canon USA

  • ClassOne Technology

  • CS Clean Solutions

  • Denton Vacuum

  • DISCO HiTec

  • ePak

  • Eta Research Ltd

  • Eurofins EAG Laboratories

  • Evatec

  • Ferrotec

  • Forge Nano

  • FormFactor

  • GTI

  • H-Square

  • Heidelberg Instruments

  • II-IV Inc.

    #25 & #26
  • Insaco, Inc

  • Intelligent Epi

  • IQE plc

    #73 & #74
  • JA Woollam

  • Jeol

  • JST Manufacturing

  • JX Nippon Mining

  • Kayaku Advanced Materials

  • KLA

  • KLA Corporation

    #40 & 41
  • LayTec

M to Z Exhibitors
  • Mersen

  • Nanotronics

    #20 & #21
  • Neutronix Quintel

  • OAI & C & D Semiconductor

  • Onto Innovation

  • Osiris Int'l GmbH

  • Oxford Instruments

  • PlasmaTherm

  • Pozetta

  • PR Hoffman

  • Raith America Inc

  • Reedholm System

  • Reliable Corporation

  • RENA Technologies North America

  • Samco, Inc

  • scia Systems GmbH

  • Semilab

    #15 & #30
  • Shin-Etsu MicroSi

  • Somos IWT

  • StratEdge Corp.

  • Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies

  • Toho Technology Inc.

  • Vacuum Engineering and Materials

  • Virginia Diodes Inc.

  • Visual Photonics Epitaxy

  • Wolfspeed

    #51 & #52
  • Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.

  • Yole Inc.

  • Zeiss Microscopy