The abstract will be used by the CS MANTECH Technical Program Committee as the basis for acceptance of a final paper for presentation at the conference. The abstract must address a topic of interest to the compound semiconductor manufacturing community, including, but not limited to, 5G Devices and Circuits, Automotive sensors, RF/Power/Optoelectronic Devices, Manufacturing Culture, Process Improvement Methodologies (SixSigma©, CPI, DFM), Wafer & Device Processing, Test, Process Control, Yield, Epitaxy & Materials, SAW/BAW Filters, Reliability & Failure Analysis, Packaging, Heterogeneous Integration, Business/Market Outlook, and Equipment.

Submitted abstracts should be 1 or 2 pages in length and should clearly state:


  • The purpose of the work
  • How CS Manufacturing Technology was used or advanced
  • Specific results and how they were achieved with supporting data, charts and pictures.

Note: Previously published results will be rejected automatically.

If you have questions regarding the abstract preparation, email our Technical Program Chair at tpcchair@csmatnech.org.



The format for CS MANTECH abstracts consists of 1 to 2 pages of text, supporting data and figures, if necessary. Pages should be ANSI A (8.5 X 11 in.) with margins not-less-than 0.5 in. on all edges and font size not less than 10 pt.

The abstract header should include the authors’ name(s), address(es), affiliation(s), and telephone number and email address of the primary author. Figures should be clearly labeled and captioned so that they can be self-consistently understood. All text embedded in the figures must be greater than 10 pt font size. Figures should be formatted so that they can be clearly understood when printed in grayscale. References to prior work should be included.

Click here for abstract formatting template



The abstract must be converted to Adobe PDF format for electronic submission. Click on the button below to access the CS MANTECH Online Abstract Submission Site. You will be requested to create an account to submit your abstract. If you previously setup an account for last year’s online abstract submission, your account is still active.

Abstracts due December 18th

CS MANTECH Online Abstract Submission Site:

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