Fan-Hsiu Huang

WIN Semiconductors Corp
  • Improved Linearity GaAs pHEMT Technology and the Effect of Bias Circuit on Intermodulation Distortion Measurements

    Fan-Hsiu Huang, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Shuan-Ming Li, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Chang-Ho Lee, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Yong-Han Lin, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Sheng-Hsien Liu, WIN Semiconductors Corp.

    In this work, we present an overview of WIN’s latest generation of 0.15-mm GaAs pHEMT technology specifically optimized for highly linear PAs for advanced mm-wave communication systems. When compared with the prior technology PP15-51 at either 5.8 or 29 GHz, the new technology PP15-61 outperforms the prior one in multiple respects, including enhanced Pout, an additional linear gain of > 1 dB, a 10 percentage point increase in peak PAE (from ≈ 44% to ≈ 54% at 29 GHz), and, most notably, an improvement of ≈ 3 dB in OIP3 when operated in the linear regions at 29 GHz. As part of routine characterization, the IMD3 asymmetry was further compared for both technologies. Its behavior can be descriptively interpreted in terms of a physical scenario considering effects due to charge trapping, thermal properties, and the bias networks used in the measurements.

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  • 3.4 An Improved 0.25µm GaN on SiC MMIC Technology for Radar and 5G Applications

    Yi-Wei Lien, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Wayne Lin, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Jhih-Han Du, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Richard Jhan, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Andy Tseng, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Wei-Chou Wang, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Fan-Hsiu Huang, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Clement Huang, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Shinichiro Takatani, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Walter Wohlmuth, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, Taiwan
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  • 3.5 Advanced BiHEMT Technology with Quarter-um Enhancement Mode pHEMT for sub-6GHz HPUE PA Application

    Cheng Shao Chang, Win Semiconductors Corp.
    Fan-Hsiu Huang, WIN Semiconductors Corp
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  • May 11, 2022 // 11:40am

    7.3 Reliability Assessment of 940 nm VCSEL Array based on Pulsed Mode Thermal Analysis

    Fan-Hsiu Huang, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Mingwei Tsai, WIN semiconductors
    Yin-Hsiang Lin, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Chun-Tse Chang, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Kai-Lun Chi, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Lap-Sum Yip, WIN Semiconductors Corp.


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