Peter Gammon

University of Warwick
  • Correlation study between molten KOH etching and laboratory X-ray Diffraction Imaging (X-ray topography) in n+ 4H-SiC wafers

    David Jacques, Bruker UK Ltd
    Vishal Shah, University of Warwick
    Richard Bytheway, Bruker UK Ltd
    Tamzin Lafford, Bruker UK Ltd
    Benjamin Renz, University of Warwick
    Peter Gammon, University of Warwick
    Paul Ryan, Bruker UK Ltd
    Hrishikesh Das, ON Semiconductor

    In order to meet the forecast growing demand of n+ SiC material, wafer suppliers will need to implement new metrology techniques to allow the detection of crystalline defects and ensure the quality of their materials. Incumbent techniques such as KOH etching have been used for many years but remain very costly as the wafers cannot be processed further. Alternative techniques such as X-ray Diffraction Imaging (X-ray Topography) can be used to detect crystalline defects non-destructively but studies have been limited to synchrotron radiation which cannot be used as an in-line characterization. In this paper, Bruker have used novel equipment (Sensus-CS) to study the correlation between laboratory X-ray Diffraction Imaging and KOH etching performed at the University of Warwick.

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