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Setting Up Your iPad, Zebra Printer, and OnArrival App to Use with a Rented Event in a Box

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After you've set up your router onsite for your North American or International Event in a Box, you'll need to configure your iPads, Zebra printers, and OnArrival app for onsite badge printing.

1 Plug in your printer. Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable into the silver port of the Zebra printer. Then connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to one of the numbered outlets on the router.

Then use the power supply to plug your printer into a power outlet and turn it on by flipping the On/Off switch located on the top of the printer.

2 Configure the iPad's settings. Turn on the iPad, then tap the Settings icon from the iPad's home screen.

Connect your iPad to your router's wireless network. The name and password will be printed on a label on the router.

NOTE: If you connect to any other network, your iPad and printer won't be able to link to each other, and you won't be able to print badges.

Confirm that you have a live internet connection by opening the Safari browser on your device and visiting a webpage.

3 Enable OnArrival Premium for your event, if necessary. Depending on the terms of your contract, you may need to enable OnArrival Premium for your event before you can use it.

Begin by selecting your event. From the left-hand navigation, click General, then Event Features. Under OnArrival, click Edit, then Switch under Premium.

4 Open the OnArrival app. On your iPad, tap OnArrival. Tap Cvent Account to log in. 

Enter your account name, username, and password, then click Log In.

NOTE: Unlike Cvent's web-based application, the OnArrival app allows you to use the same login credentials across multiple devices.

5 Open your event. Tap the title of the event that you'll be using for onsite check in and badge printing.

If you haven't launched OnArrival already, review the terms and tap Launch OnArrival to access the event.

6 Open the app's settings. Tap the menu icon in the top-left, then tap Settings.

7 Configure the printer settings. 
In the Printer Settings section, wait for the device to locate your printer. Then tap the printer's name to connect.

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8 Set the tear-off position. If you have a ZD421 printer, in the printer's settings, ensure that Tear-Off Position is set to 10. If you have a ZD620 printer, leave the Tear-Off Position at 0.

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9 Set the badge stock timing mark. In the printer's settings, ensure that Media Type is set to Mark. This tells your printer to judge the size of your badge stock by reading the timing mark on the underside of the badge.

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10 Load the badge stock. Open the printer by pulling the side release latches towards you, then lift the printer cover up.


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Using the wheel in the middle, expand the media guide's hangers to the width of the badge stock. Make sure the timing mark sensor is centered in the printer. 

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Insert your stock through the slot at the rear of the printer, feeding the edge with the black line into the printer slot with the Feed Direction arrows facing the front of the printer.

The timing mark is read through a sensor on the bottom of your printer, so the timing mark must be face-down with the blank or branded stock face-up.


Thread the stock with the blank side facing up.

Run the badge stock through between and underneath the media guide's hangers, then close the printer cover.


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NOTE: Want to print badge-loading instructions to have with you onsite? Download a PDF version.

11 Calibrate the printer. In OnArrival, ensure Print Mode is set to Tear-off for calibration. Then tap Calibrate Printer. During calibration, your printer will go through a few badges in attempt to read the timing mark successfully.


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Once the calibration has finished, open the printer cover and pull the badge stock back through the slot in the back of the printer to avoid waste.


Then close the printer cover and press the Pause button on the top of the printer to resume printing. Check for a green indicator light to confirm that you're ready to print. 


Tap the pause button on top of the printer to continue.

12 Download the badges. If you're not using the OnArrival Name Badge badge type, you'll need to download your badges for offline printing in case you have a poor internet connection or your venue's internet goes down. In the OnArrival Settings, tap Advanced. Tap Badge Download, then Download Badges.

13 Change the print mode, if necessary. If you have a ZD620 printer, tap Settings, then set Print Mode to Cutter. Need to change the print darkness, speed, or any other printer settings? You can do so all on the Printer Settings screen under the connected printer.