Lisa Porter

(Co-President and Co-Founder, LogiQ, previously Deputy Under Secretary of Defence & President Teledyne)

The Importance of Zero Trust in Microelectronics

Tuesday, 11:00 AM

San Carlos I-IV

Thomas Kazior


Heterogeneous Heterostructures: A Path to Next Generation High Performance Compound Semiconductor Devices

Tuesday, 10:30 AM

San Carlos I-IV

Amitesh Kumar Sinha
 (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India.)

Enabling Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Ecosystem in India

Tuesday, 11:30
San Carlos I-IV


Bardia Perezkhi

(CEO, Avicena Tech) 

Leveraging microLED display technology to solve the chip-to-chip data communication bottleneck, enabling a new generation of computing architectures

James Raring 

(CEO, Kyocera SLD) 

High-Power GaN-based Laser Diodes for Next Generation Applications

Al Yuen 

(Head of VCSEL Design Team, Lumentum) 

Foundry-based Optical Components Changing The World

Brian Koch

(VP, Quintessent) 

Enabling bandwidth scaling for datacenter and AI/ML applications using III-V and silicon photonic devices


Claire Troadec

(Senior Industry AnalystPower & Wireless Division Director, Yole Developpement

MicroLED Display: technology and applications status


Peter Friedrichs

Power Devices Based on Silicon Carbide – How to Manage Them at System Level and How They Contribute to a Greener World for All of Us


CK Lin


III-V semiconductor devices for sub-Terahertz communications

Jeong-Sun Moon


Ultra-linear and Efficient mm-wave GaN FETs and MMICs

Feifei Lian

(Northrup Grumman)

Overcoming Challenges in Advanced InP HEMT Manufacturing

Frank Chang

Rising mm-Wave 6G Networking with Multi-facet System/Technology Challenges

Tuesday, 2:20 PM

San Carlos I-IV


Thomas Gutt

(Director, Infineon)

Productive4.0 -  a holistic innovation project meant to open the potentials of Digital Industry

Tuesday, 4:00 PM

San Carlos I-IV


Bryan Bothwell

(Director, Qorvo Biotechnologies)

COVID-19 Testing- A New Era In Detection


Victor Veliadis

(CTO, Power America)

SiC device manufacturing and road to volume production

Huili Grace Xing

(Cornell University)

Ga2O3 power electronic devices: design and validation

Yohei Otoki

(Director, SCIOCS)

System demonstration of high-performance GaN power devices by the Ministry of the Environment project in Japan


Sandeep Bahl

(Texas Instruments)

Achieving application-reliable GaN using a standardized approach


Cem Basceri

(CEO, Qromis)

Propelling the Power Electronics Revolution: 200mm Diameter, 100V to 1,800V and Beyond GaN-on-QST® High Volume Device Manufacturing Platform

Vlad Matias

(Founder, iBeam Materials)

Roll-to-roll manufacturing of epi-GaN sheets on metal foil for LEDs and transistor devices

David Gomez

(Director, X-Celeprint)

Micro-Transfer Printing for Micro-Assembly of Heterogeously Integrated Compound Semiconductor Components

Seongwoo Kim
(Director, Adamant Namiki Diamond)

Two-Inch High Quality Diamond Heteroepitaxial Growth on Sapphire for Power Devices

Tuesday, 1:50 PM

San Carlos I-IV


Jeff Shealy

(CEO, Akoustis)

Acoustic MEMS Device Technology Using Engineered AlScN Piezoelectric Films and Superlattices for Ultra-wide Bandwidth High Frequency RF Front-ends


Rajesh Swaminathan

Khosla Ventures

Rajesh is a Venture Partner at Khosla Ventures. Rajesh brings with him two decades of experience assisting and investing in deeptech startups across Semiconductors, Advanced Optics, AI, AR/ VR, Silicon Photonics, Medical devices, 3D Printing and Energy. He is excited about assisting entrepreneurs and driving investments across many of these inflections at Khosla Ventures. More details can be found on https://www.khoslaventures.com/team/rajesh-swaminathan