eDataLyzer Application on Solving DS Yield Issue with Starburst Pattern

KimKok Gan, Bistel America Inc
Yiping Wang, Qorvo Inc.
Robert Waco, Qorvo Inc.
Matthew Johnson, Qorvo Inc.
Pat Hamilton, Qorvo Inc.
Jinhong Yang, Qorvo
Dana Schwartz
Corey Nevers, Qorvo, Inc
Edward Elkan, Qorvo Inc.
Kaushik Vaidyanathan, Qorvo Inc.

A die sort (DS) yield loss forming a ‘starburst’ pattern in a wafermap was observed in a pHEMT technology manufactured by Qorvo. Typical data analysis performed by yield engineers was unable to correlate the failure root cause to a specific process step. To help drive to root cause, Bistel was consulted on the use of eDataLyzer (eDL) software.

This paper will describe the ‘starburst’ DS yield loss pattern in details, followed by the application of Bistel’s eDL software combined with process tool Fault Detection and Correlation (FDC), and end with the validation of the failure mode.

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