Laser Diode Junction Temperature Assessment for Reliability Optimization

Malcolm Green, MACOM Technology Solutions
Charles Recchia, MACOM Technology Solutions
Mark Bachman, MACOM Technology Solutions
Lihua Hu, MACOM Technology Solutions
Wolfgang Parz, MACOM Technology Solutions

Determination of reliability performance over time requires an accurate understanding of device junction temperature, not only in customer use condition, but also during production test and burn-in. Through carefully designed and executed LIV (L=Light, I=current, V=Voltage) measurements and a modeling framework where optical power, thermal and electrical device parameters are interrelated, the laser diode junction temperature, as confirmed by wavelength shift measurements, is obtained via regression of a non-linear self-consistent equation.  Modeled parameters include both threshold current and slope efficiency junction linear temperature dependence coefficients/constants, as well as a thermal impedance factor.

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