Optoplasmonic Technology for High Performing Photodetectors

Bahram Nabet, Drexel University
Pouya Dianat, Drexel University
Pouya Dianat, Nanograss Photonics
Bahram Nabet, Nanograss Photonics

We have developed a family of opto-plasmonic devices (OPDs) for next generation Tera-bits-per-second (Tbps) tele/data communication infrastructure. Particularly, a top illuminated optical detector is produced as an essential part of the value chain in PIC. This solves a bottleneck in high-speed PIC that currently use Germanium-based photodetectors. Specifically, a photodetector is demonstrated that operates at a 6x higher bandwidth and at 10-20x lower optical power conditions, compared to a commonly used 40-GHz pin device. These provide value for optics engineers to design: i) an optical receiver module with a %75 enhancement in reliability, and ii) an optical link with 10x extension in length.

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