Paper # Duration Abstract # Title Author Location
1.1 45 Invited Next Revolution in Compound Semiconductor Materials DARPA Rosker US-E
1.2 45 Invited Challenges and opportunities in remote epitaxy for releasable epilayers on graphene MIT Kim US-E
2.1 30 Invited GaN-on-diamond design for manufacturing Akash Francis UK
2.2 20 32 Hybrid NH<sub>3</sub>/N<sub>2</sub> Molecular Beam Epitaxy with Artificial Intelligence Assisted RHEED Analysis Noh Korea
2.3 20 51 Commercial N-polar GaN on SiC HEMT Epitaxial Wafers Manufactured by MOCVD  for 5G mm-Wave Applications Liu US-P
2.4 20 15 The Phenomenon of Charge Activated Visibility of Electrical Defects In 4H-SiC; Application for Comprehensive Non-Contact Electrical and UV-PL Imaging and Recognition of Critical Defects Wilson US-E
2.5 20 33 A deep learning-based multi-model method  for etching defect image classification Chou Taiwan
2.6 20 36 Kelvin Force Microscopy and Micro-Raman Correlation Study  of Triangular Defects in 4H-SiC Marinskiy US-E
3.1 30 12
Fabrication of High-Performance Compound Semiconductor RF Circuits Using Heterogeneously-Integrated Transistor Chiplets in Interposers Herrault US-P
3.2 20 16 Wafer-Level Packages for GaN Technologies &amp; On Wafer Humidity Test Stieglauer Germany
3.3 20 54 Wafer Breakage Reduction in Cu Bump Processing of GaAs Technologies Weng US-P
3.4 20 14 Seeing the World from a Drop of Water: A Novel Environment-Protecting Technique for Photoresist Strip, Metal Lift-off, and Etching Byproduct Removal Lo Taiwan
3.5 20 40 LOL 1000 Liftoff Resist as an Antireflective Coating for MMIC Electroplating Werner US-E
3.6 20 50 Theoretical study of recoil-implanted N atoms in Mg-implanted GaN Herbert Japan
4.1 45 47
Progress Towards Prolonged IC Deployment Into Previously Inaccessible Hostile Environments Via Development of SiC JFET-R ICs Neudeck US-E
4.2 20 43 The Rise of Power SiC and GaN Market and The Impact of COVID-19 Martin France
4.3 30 57
Processing Choices For Achieving Long Term IC Operation at 500° C Spry US-E
4.4 20 31 Monolithically Integrated GaN Power and RF ICs on 150mm Poly-AlN for Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier Applications Wang Taiwan
5.1 20 62 Performance of 0.3 um gate length GaN HEMT by using i-line stepper for high power c-band applications Lee Taiwan
5.2 20 35 Investigation of Un-doped GaN Cap Layer on RF and Trap Related Characteristics in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs Wu Taiwan
5.3 20 52 Analysis of GaN-HEMT DC-Characteristic Alterations by Gate Encapsulation Layer Yazdani Germany
5.4 20 56 Temperature Dependent Measurement of GaN Impact Ionization Coefficients Fay US-C
5.5 20 27 Improved Gate Reliability Normally-Off p-GaN/AlN/AlGaN/GaN HEMT with AlGaN Cap-Layer Wang Taiwan
5.6 20 38 Using the CnCV Technique to Explore AlN as an Alternative Passivation Layer in GaN HEMT Technology Wilson US-E
6.1 20 48 GaN Through-substrate Via Process for GaN-on-GaN HEMT Power Amplifiers Okamoto Japan
6.2 20 6 Fabrication of GaN-on-SiC Via by using OES endpoint detection Toledo Israel
6.3 20 34 Implementation of End Point Detection for Compound Semiconductor Wafer Thinning Applications and Investigation of Gallium Arsenide Etch Rates and Surface Roughness Tyler US-E
6.4 20 26 A Systematic Approach for Determining Overlay Spec Limits in Photolithography Wang US-P
6.5 20 44 Uncovering Process Interdependency Using Data Mining Lee US-P
6.6 20 23 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) in AlGaN/GaN HEMT due to fabrication process. Baram Israel
7.1 45 Invited Low-temperature direct wafer bonding innovating CS device technologies Osaka City Univ. Shigekawa Japan
7.2 30 Invited Driving Lower Fiber Optical System Power Consumption through Monolithic Electronic and Optoelectronic Integration Elphic Tarof Canada-E
7.3 20 42 How are high-volume 3D Sensing applications shaping the Compound Semiconductor Industry? Martin France
7.4 20 9 Rapid Capacity Simulation For Planning a 200mm III-V Giga Fab Looi US-E
8.1 20 39 Demonstration of High-quality GaN Epitaxy on 200 mm Engineered Substrates for Vertical Power Device Fabrication Geens Belgium
8.2 20 17 Evaluation of novel iron-free QuanFINE<sup>TM</sup> structure by 100nm and 150nm AlGaN/GaN HEMT technology Grünenpütt Germany
8.3 20 24 Thin Al<sub>0.5</sub>Ga<sub>0.5</sub>N/GaN HEMTs on QuanFINE<sup>®</sup> Structure Chen Sweden
8.4 20 29 Low Off-state Leakage Current Normally-off p-GaN Gate HEMT Using Al<sub>0.5</sub>Ga<sub>0.5</sub>N Etching Stop Layer Design Wang Taiwan
8.5 20 59 A Study of Wafer-Scale Breakdown Characteristics of Vertical GaN PIN Rectifiers Cho US-E
8.6 20 30 High Thermal Dissipation Normally-off p-GaN Gate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on 6-inch N-doped Low Resistivity SiC Substrate Huang Taiwan
9.1 20 41 5G Smartphone and Telecom Infrastructure markets are empowered by Compound Semiconductors Martin France
9.2 20 49 State-of-the-Art Etch and Deposition Processing of highly doped AlScN for 5G and Wi-Fi Filter Applications Short UK
9.3 20 25 Developing production process for high performance piezoelectrics in MEMS applications Mazzalai Switzerland
9.4 20 18 Continual Improvement of End-to-End Yield in GaAs-based Laser Diode Manufacturing Welch US-E
9.5 20 53 Benzocyclonbute (BCB) Process Development and Optimization  for High-Speed GaAs VCSELs and Photodetectors Wu US-C
9.6 20 37 Standing Wave Engineering for Mode Control in Single-Mode Oxide-Confined Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Pikul US-C