Chien-Fong Lo

  • GaN on Silicon Growth by MOCVD: A Mechanistic Approach to Wafer Scaling

    Yu Cao, Raytheon IDS Microelectronics, Novati Technologies, Inc. IQE
    Oleg Laboutin, IQE
    Chien-Fong Lo, IQE
    Kevin O’Connor, IQE
    Daily Hill, IQE
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  • 9.2 Investigation of the Impacts of Interfacial Layers on the Degradation of GaN-on-Si HEMTs under Electrical Step Stress Testing

    Luke Yates, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Chien-Fong Lo, IQE
    Tingyu Bai, University of California, Los Angeles
    Mark Goorsky, University of California, Los Angeles
    Wayne Johnson, IQE
    Samuel Graham, Georgia Institute of Technology
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