Chun-Wei Lin

WIN Semiconductors Corp.
  • Development of Manufacturable Commercial 6-inch InP HBT

    Cheng-Kuo Lin, WIN Semiconductors Corp
    Yu-An Liao, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Chun-Wei Lin, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Jung-Hao Hsu, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
    Shu-Hsiao Tsai, WIN Semiconductors Corp

    A foundry-ready service in 6-inch InP HBT technology has been developed for mass production in this work. Good uniformity of device performance over 6-inch wafer is obtained. Delicate EPI design with trade-off between cut-off frequency (Ft) and breakdown voltage (BVceo) are devoted to satisfy varieties of demands. We achieved Ft of 175GHz with BVceo of 6.6V and Ft of 100GHz with BVceo of 16V to fulfill the requirements in optical communication and RF power amplifier applications. An advanced sub-micron process is introduced to enhance RF performance for further demands in higher frequency region.

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