David Brown

HRL Laboratories, LLC.
  • 140 nm and 90 nm GaN MMIC Technology for Millimeter-wave Power Applications

    Jose Diaz, BAE Systems Inc
    David Brown, HRL Laboratories, LLC.
    Carlton Creamer, BAE Systems Inc
    Kanin Chu, BAE Systems Inc
    Richard Isaak, BAE Systems Inc
    Louis Mt. Pleasant, BAE Systems Inc
    Donald Mitchell, BAE Systems Inc
    Puneet Srivastava, BAE Systems Inc
    Wen Zhu, BAE Systems Inc
    Hong Lu, BAE Systems Inc

    This work describes an on-going effort to develop and mature a 140 nm GaN MMIC technology with a focus on efficient power amplification at frequencies ranging from DC to 50 GHz and a 90 nm technology targeted towards V- and W-band applications, and then release the technologies within a foundry process that is open to the DoD community.

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  • 9.1 Preliminary DC Evaluation of HRL’s T3 GaN Technology Reliability Characteristics

    Shawn Burnham, HRL Laboratories, LLC.
    Ross Bowen, HRL Laboratories, LLC.
    Joe Tai, HRL Laboratories, Malibu, CA,
    David Brown, HRL Laboratories, LLC.
    Robert Grabar, HRL Laboratories, Malibu, CA,
    Dayward Santos, HRL Laboratories, LLC.
    Jesus Magadia, HRL Laboratories, LLC.
    Isaac Khalaf, HRL Laboratories, LLC.
    Miroslav Micovic, HRL Laboratories, LLC.
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