Hermann Stieglauer

United Monolithic Semiconductors GmbH
  • Wafer Level Packaging for Electronic RF Systems Using GaN Technologies

    Ulli Hansen
    Hermann Stieglauer, United Monolithic Semiconductors GmbH
    Klaus Riepe
    Janina Moereke

    The main objective of the Covered Gallium Nitride (CoGaN) project is the demonstration of the electrical performance of a GaN HPA in a frequency range between 25 GHz and 40 GHz with a maximal output power of 5 W in a chip scale packaging technology for 5G applications. In addition, requirements are existing for reliability testing at THB condition of 85°C/85% rel. humidity. In this work a test vehicle circuit with a pre matched 1 mm transistor is used for showing the process feasibility.

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