Masayoshi Yamamoto

Nagoya University
  • 8b.1 Benefits and Requirements of Using SiC and/or GaN Power Switching Devices for “Real” Power Control Systems

    Masayoshi Yamamoto, Nagoya University
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  • May 12, 2022 // 10:40am

    14.1 Promising Results of National Project by Japanese Ministry of the Environment to Develop GaN on GaN Power Devices and Prove their Usefulness in Real Systems

    Yohei Otoki, SCIOCS
    Masatomo Shibata, SCIOCS
    Tomoyoshi Mishima, Osaka University
    Hiroshi Ohta, Osaka University
    Y. Mori, Osaka University
    Keiji Watanabe, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
    Naoya Okamoto, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
    Masayoshi Yamamoto, Nagoya University
    Koji Shiozaki, Nagoya University
    Satoshi Tamura, Panasonic Corporation
    Masayuki Imanishi, Osaka University
    Kazunori Kidera, Panasonic Corporation
    Junichi Takino, Panasonic Corporation
    Yoshio Okayama, Panasonic Corporation
    Yoshio Honda, Nagoya University
    Hiroshi Amano, Nagoya University


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