Stacia Keller

Transphorm Inc.
  • Manufacturing of N-polar GaN on Sapphire Epitaxial Wafers for Millimeter-wave Electronics Applications

    Umesh Mishra, Transphorm also Dean of Engineering UCSB
    Xiang Liu, Transphorm Inc.
    Ron Birkhahn, Transphorm Inc.
    Stacia Keller, Transphorm Inc.
    Brian Swenson, Transphorm Inc.
    Lee McCarthy, Transphorm Inc.
    Davide Bisi, Transphorm Inc.

    Transphorm is supplying N-polar GaN on SiC and sapphire epitaxial wafers for customers developing ultra-high performance RF and mm-wave electronics devices. The manufacturing process is SPC controlled and DOE optimized, and the wafers exhibit very high 2DEG electron mobility and excellent thickness and Rsh uniformities.

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