• 12: Manufacturing

    • 12.1 Global Cycle Time Reduction Methodologies

      Juan Velasquez, Skyworks Solutions
      Sergio Garcia, Skyworks Solutions
      Heather Knoedler, Skyworks Solutions
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    • 12.2 The Package Trend for Compound Semiconductor

      Chuck Huang, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
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    • 12.3 Operational Yield Improvements Through Application of Lean, 5S, Employee Engagement, Root Cause Investigations and Culture Change

      Peter Melnik, Skyworks Solutions, Inc., Woburn, MA, USA
      Joseph Santa, Skyworks Solutions, Inc., Woburn, MA, USA
      Daniel Sullivan, Skyworks Solutions, Inc., Woburn, MA, USA
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    • 12.4 New Product Introduction and Design for Manufacturability in GaAs IC Industry

      Shiban K. Tiku, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
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    • 12.5 Fabrication of 4-inch GaN/Diamond HEMT in a Compound Semiconductor Foundry

      Mo Wu, Global Communication Semiconductors, LLC
      Won Sang Lee, RFHIC US Corp.
      Daniel Hou, Global Communication Semiconductors, LLC
      Kyong Won Lee, RFHIC Corporation
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