Stefaan Decoutere

  • 8.1.2021 Demonstration of High-quality GaN Epitaxy on 200 mm Engineered Substrates for Vertical Power Device Fabrication

    K. Geens, imec,
    H. Hahn, AIXTRON SE
    H. Liang, imec,
    M. Borga, imec
    D. Cingu, imec
    S. You, imec
    M. Marx, AIXTRON SE
    R. Oligschlaeger, AIXTRON SE
    D. Fahle, AIXTRON SE
    M. Heuken, AIXTRON SE
    V. Odnoblyudov, Qromis, inc.
    O. Aktas, Qromis, Inc.
    C. Basceri, Qromis, Inc.
    S. Decoutere, imec
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  • 7.5.2023 Improving the yield for GaN-on-Si HEMT devices for power applications

    D. Fahle, AIXTRON SE Germany
    C. Mauder, AIXTRON SE, Herzogenrath, Germany
    H. Hahn, AIXTRON SE
    Z. Gao, AIXTRON SE, Herzogenrath, Germany
    Niels Posthuma, Imec
    Stefaan Decoutere, Imec, Leuven, Belgium

    7.5.2023_Improving the yield for GaN-on-Si HEMT devices for power applications_extended_v2