AlGaN/GaN Ohmic Contact Investigation

Kai-Sin Cho, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
Chiao-Yi Tsai, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
Szu-Ting Chen, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
Cheng-Ju Lin, WIN Semiconductors Corp.
Yi-Wei Lien, WIN Semiconductors Corp
Wei-Chou Wang, WIN Semiconductors Corp

To produce high performance AlGaN/GaN heterostructure field effect transistors for RF power applications, one of the critical control parameters of AlGaN/GaN system is the contact resistance (Rc) of the ohmic metal to AlGaN. In the present study, two important factors for the contact resistance, a Ti3AlN interfacial layer and TiN islands were investigated using phase identification, and morphology as determined by Nano Beam Electron Diffraction (NBD) technique in transmission electron microscopy. Based on our study, both Ti3AlN interfacial layer and TiN islands contribute to ohmic contact behavior in the system.

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