Simulation of Leakage Induced Suppression of Bulk Dynamic RON in Power Switching GaN-on-Si HEMTs

Martin Kuball, University of Bristol
Michael Uren, University of Bristol
Stefano Dalcanale, University of Bristol
Feiyuan Yang, University of Bristol
Ahmed Nejim, Silvaco Europe
Stephen Wilson, Silvaco Europe

Bulk induced dynamic RON in GaN-on-Si HEMTs is a serious performance limiting instability which remains a problem even in some commercially available power switching devices. Its origin is now reasonably well understood, however until now it has not been possible to simulate it using a realistic epitaxial stack. For the first time we successfully simulate the controlled suppression of bulk dynamic RON by adding a specific model for leakage along threading dislocations. This was undertaken using a commercially available standard TCAD simulator, allowing realistic device optimization in an advanced GaN HEMT design flow.

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