Andrew Clark

IQE, Cardiff, UK
  • April 30, 2019 // 4:30pm – 5:00pm

    4.3 Epitaxial material for RF filters

    Andrew Clark, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Rytis Dargis, Translucent Inc.
    Mukul Debnath, IQE plc
    Robert Yanka, IQE plc
    Rodney Pelzel, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Minyo Park, Georgia Institute of Technology
    DeaGyu Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Azadeh Ansari, Georgia Institute of Technology
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  • May 11, 2022 // 2:40pm

    9.3 First Demonstration Of High Performance 940nm VCSELs Grown On 200mm Diameter Substrates

    Andrew D. Johnson, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Sung Wook Lim, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Andrew Joel, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Andrew Clark, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Matthew Geen, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Rodney Pelzel, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Wang Wang, IQE, Cardiff, UK
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  • 14.2.2023 Assessment of 1.3-?m InAs QD Edge-Emitting Lasers Grown on Large Area GaAs Substrates

    Sara Gillgrass, Cardiff University
    Craig Allford, Cardiff University
    Mukul Debnath, IQE plc
    Andrew Clark, IQE, Cardiff, UK
    Peter M. Smowton, Cardiff University, IQE plc

    14.2.2023 CS_MANTECH-2023_14.2_Final