Lei Li

Cornell University
  • InAlN HEMT Epi and RF Devices on 8”-Si

    Huili Xing, Cornell University
    Ming Pan, Veeco Instruments
    Soo-Min Lee, Veeco Instruments
    Eric Tucker, Veeco Instruments
    Randhir Bubber, Veeco Instruments
    Ajit Paranjpe, Veeco Instruments
    Drew Hanser, Veeco Instruments, Inc.
    Kazuki Nomoto, Cornell University
    Lei Li, Cornell University
    Debdeep Jena, Cornell University

    In this paper, we report our work on epitaxial growth of InAlN HEMTs for RF device applications.  InAlN HEMTs were grown on 8” high resistivity silicon substrates. Various characterization techniques were used to analyze the quality of the epi wafers. An average sheet resistance (Rsh) of 206Ω/□, with a uniformity of 1.5% (1s/average), indicated a high quality and uniform 2DEG. Hall measurement showed a high sheet charge density of 2.27×1013cm−2 and a mobility of 1430cm2/(Vs). A pit free epi surface was obtained with optimized growth process of the active layers. T-gate RF devices fabricated on the InAlN epi wafers demonstrated an fT of 250GHz and an fMAX of 204 GHz, which are the record high values for GaN-based HEMTs on silicon.

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