Phil Greene

Ferrotec Corporation
  • Development and Testing of Sub 0.5-micron Features for Advanced Lift-Off Processes

    Phil Greene, Ferrotec Corporation
    Phillip Tyler, Veeco Instruments
    Jennifer Rieker, EMD Performance Materials

    Previous studies have shown the importance of selecting the correct photoresist, metallization method, resist remover, and tool to achieve a successful lift-off[1].  Improper selection of just one of the four can result in insufficient lift-off due to conformal metal coating of the photoresist, greater number of defects, lower throughput and a higher cost of ownership.  Feature sizes of 50 µm down to 0.5 µm were previously demonstrated and this paper will focus on feature sizes under 0.5 µm.  These size features are gaining more traction in metal lift-off processes for RF and power applications that require smaller features for improved performance.

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