Ryota Wada

Nissin Ion Equipment Inc.
  • P-type and N-type Channeling Ion Implantation of SiC and Implications for Device Design and Fabrication

    Takashi Kuroi, Nissin Ion Equipment Inc.
    Hrishikesh Das, ON Semiconductor USA
    Swapna Sunkari, ON Semiconductor USA
    Joshua Justice, ON Semiconductor USA
    Roman Malousek, ON Semiconductor CZ
    Jan Chochol, ON Semiconductor CZ
    Ryota Wada, Nissin Ion Equipment Inc.

    This work focuses on evaluating and demonstrating channeled p-type and n-type implantations in silicon carbide in a repeatable mass-production environment. Range increase of about 3X is observed using channeled conditions as opposed to normal incident conditions for both Aluminum and Phosphorous. The various advantages enabled by this technology for advanced device designs are highlighted. Super-junction devices targeting the same voltage range can be fabricated using 1 or 2 lesser epitaxial regrowth layers.

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