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    Chair: Andy Carter, Teledyne and Anita Pacheco, Qorvo
    San Carlos III-IV
    • May 11, 2022 // 4:20pm

      12.1 Micro-Transfer Printing for Micro-Assembly of Heterogeneous Integrated Compound Semiconductor Components

      David Gomez, X-Celeprint, Inc.
      Tanya Moore, X-Celeprint, Inc.
      Alin Fecioru, X-Celeprint, Ltd., Cork, Ireland
      Kevin Oswalt, X-Celeprint, Research
      James Thostenson, X-Celeprint, Research
      Chris Reyes, X-Celeprint, Research
      Ron Cok, X-Celeprint, Research

      Invited Presentation

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    • May 11, 2022 // 4:50pm

      12.2 Differences in SiC Wafer Thermal Conductivity from Face-to-Face Dependent on Polishing

      Daniel Field, University of Bristol
      Martin Kuball, University of Bristol
      Filip Wach, University of Bristol

      Student Presentation


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    • May 11, 2022 // 5:10pm

      12.3 A Novel Photosensitive Permanent Bonding Material Designed for Polymer/Metal Hybrid Bonding Applications

      Michele Fowler, Brewer Science
      Mei Dong, Brewer Science
      Alice Guerrero, Brewer Science
      Baron Huang, Brewer Science
      Rama Puligadda, Brewer Science


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    • May 11, 2022 // 5:30pm

      12.4 Novel thermoreflectance-based method for in-situ die attach thermal conductivity assessment in packaged devices

      Zeina Abdallah, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK
      Nathawat Poopakdec, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK and Navaminda Kasatriyadhiraj Royal Air Force Academny
      Matin Kuball, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK,
      James Pomeroy, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK and 3TherMap Solutions, Bristol, UK


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